Outfits: Polka Dots & Slip Dresses

Feeling a slight influence from summer ending and fall approaching, I was really gravitated towards this burnt orange color. This halfway between orange and red color has really been growing on me the past few months, and this Lacausa slip dress definitely meets my needs. I love the asymmetrical ruffled hem and the peek-a-boo of pink around the neckline, it adds an element of surprise. Even those this slip dress is meant to be worn to bed (shhhh) I wanted to dress it up.

By pairing this slip dress with a silky polka dot blazer the outfit feels much more put together and smart. Polka dots have been appearing in many difference forms, and sizes, this summer. By investing in this blazer, which I don’t own very many of, I can very much see myself getting plenty of use out of it into fall and winter. Check out more of this look  in the photos below!

IMG_9418IMG_9446IMG_9461yoIMG_9424IMG_9474IMG_9433yox2IMG_9486Wearing: Lacausa slip dress  / Greylin blazer

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