Uptown Stripes by Faithfull the Brand

Let’s talk about two things I’m loving for this summer, stripes and Faithfull the Brand. Faithfull the Brand offers effortless pieces that are so easy you can love them at home or abroad. Everything in their collection has a sense of femininity that I can’t get enough of!

This Faithfull dress has an earth-toned color that is perfect for hot summer days. It has the perfect midi length and lightweight fabric that allows for effortless traveling and adventures. Though I decided to keep a neutral color palette with my look, I added a sense of surprise with white statement tassel earrings. They are surely an eye-catcher, but the shocking white keeps my look modern.


IMG_8725IMG_8753IMG_8779IMG_8739IMG_8731IMG_8770IMG_8743IMG_8745IMG_8775IMG_8732IMG_8771IMG_8793Wearing: Faithfull the Brand dress / Anthropologie earrings 

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Amuse Society
Urban Outfitters







Untitled-1  Katey

Instagram: @kateyarredondo


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